A downloadable game for Windows

This game was originally made for the Community Game Jam. The theme was: The game is a liar.

This is a game where you play as a purple Dog, Cat? I have no idea. but he somehow starts to hear voices in his head. and this mysterious old man explains to him what is happening to both the player, and him. and sends him off to find a cure.


WSAD or Arrow Keys - Move

SpaceBar  - Jump

O  or Z - Shoot


Mostly Coding - @OllieScottie2002

Coding: @Plonker_Jim - YouTube

Music - @Velveton - YouTube / Instagram - @TVelveton

Mostly Art - @TheOpenFlare - YouTube, Instagram / @TheOpenFlare14 - Twitter


Reality Check (Game Jam Edition).rar 17 MB
Reality Check v1.1.rar 33 MB

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